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Green, Geener, Greenest
Schools are going green...but who is the greenest of them all?....>more

Unsung Heroes
So who really fixes all those leaky taps and dafty windows found during the Occupant Audits of the schools. Send us an email to tell us who the unsung heroes are in your school.


Video of the Month
There are some amazing environmental videos out there. Our pick for the month is An Inconvenient Truth, watch the trailer, then watch the movie, now available on DVD. If you want ....>more

Times, they are a changin'
During the workshop in October for Dearness Conservation, the teachers learned about Changes, in our world and in our future, and what a webinar is and how to .....>more

High School Students are helping to Light Up the World, by staying awake?........>more


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